Why Venus?

At Venus Healthcare, our mission is to embed Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) into the very essence of our comprehensive service delivery approach. We don’t view PBS as an isolated, third-party consultancy-led intervention; rather, it is the lifeblood that courses through our entire organisation.

We firmly believe that to truly succeed in delivering PBS, a culture of proactive and positive care must permeate every level of our organisation.

Our Strategy: A Holistic Approach

Our embedded PBS strategy is not just a top-down directive; it is a carefully considered approach that addresses every aspect of our organisation. We have examined the organisational factors that influence PBS delivery and have identified opportunities to enhance capacity within our individual service users, our staff, and our organisation as a whole. To ensure we deliver the highest quality of care to individuals with complex support needs, we have aligned our strategy with relevant competency frameworks, such as those set out in Skills for Care Peer Review, Building Right Support and by the PBS Academy. We have also incorporated guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) on behaviours that challenge and service design for people with learning disabilities and behaviours that challenge.

Values at the Core

Our values of doing everything with good intentions, being honest and open and taking responsibility for our actions while being motivated to do our best at all times, resonate deeply with the core principles of PBS, which include promoting opportunity and participation, proactive support, ongoing learning and development, partnership working, and adopting a lifelong approach to care. These values underpin every action we take and every decision we make.

A Values-Based Approach

Our approach to PBS begins with a strong values-based foundation. We believe in upholding the rights of those we support, championing dignity, respect, empathy, warmth, and compassion in every interaction. These values serve as our guiding light, ensuring that our goals and outcomes align with the principles of PBS.

Evidence-Based Strategies

In conjunction with our values, we employ evidence based strategies informed by best practices for supporting individuals with complex behavioural support needs. This comprehensive approach allows us to provide the highest quality of care with the view of reducing the development of complex behaviours.

Multidisciplinary Collaboration

Recognising the complexity of care required for individuals with complex support needs, we work in partnership with a multidisciplinary team (MDT) as needed. This team includes professionals in Psychology, Psychiatry, Nursing, and Occupational Therapy. Collaboration with local health and social care providers ensures a holistic approach to PBS support.

Comprehensive Staff Training and Development

At Venus Healthcare, we understand that our staff are at the heart of our organisation, and their training and development are paramount. Our tiered approach to staff training encompasses formal face-to-face training, practice-based learning, and continuous skill enhancement which provides not only knowledge but competency in skills application to ensure everyday care delivery is embedded in PBS principles.

Induction and Ongoing Training

Our commitment to staff development begins with comprehensive induction training, covering mandatory topics related to safe and compassionate care. As part of their induction all staff have introduction to PBS training In total, induction training and shadowing provides a minimum of 120 hours of foundation training in PBS informed approaches to care and related best practice person centred approaches. This initial training sets the foundation for the journey of PBS education.