How we support

At Venus we provide a unique proposition of being able to provide care, support and accommodation throughout a person’s full care journey. We achieve this by establishing a close partnership with social landlords who can adapt to our requirements, be it a specific location, a type of property or layout of the property. This provides stability of the accommodation without risk of short term relocations. Our organisation is set up to allow maximum flexibility for any changes in support levels, whilst maintaining continuity of care and familiarity of a constant staff mix.

Venus values for adults living with Autism

All residents in the autistic spectrum have in place very structured programmes for managing their daily lives, routines and activities.
Using pictorial evidence and other communication strategies, staff construct a ‘social story’ with residents, ensuring the concept is fully understood by the resident, who must engage with the process. There is a very strong emphasis on effective and continuous risk management, about which all staff are instructed.
Behaviours and risks are closely monitored at all times and communicated regularly with social workers and other healthcare professionals so that appropriate external support is undertaken as necessary.

Venus values for adults living with Mental Health issues

For adults living with mental health challenges, Venus Healthcare Homes can provide a supportive environment that promotes improved health and wellbeing whilst integrating into the local community. Beyond basic needs like shelter and food, our homes play a crucial role in fostering mental well-being through carefully structured daily activities that forster routine and an improved quality of life. The foundation of effective care lies in person centred and  individualized assessments. Recognizing that mental health conditions manifest differently in each person is crucial. Support plans are then individually developed  by our MDT informed staff team to address specific needs, goals, and preferences. This personalized approach ensures that daily activities are not only engaging but also therapeutic and develop life skills.

For individuals struggling with mental health, routine and structure can help to settle and make their world around them much more predictable and controlled.
Venus Healthcare Homes provide consistent daily routines that incorporate essential activities like regular mealtimes, personal care, therapeutic activities, physical activities, life skills development, and social interactions. The PBS informed staff are able to develop and deliver support that is person centred, with outcomes that are focused on psycho education and developing coping skills.

Supporting people with mental health and complex needs requires a holistic approach that addresses not just their clinical needs but also their emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. By providing individualized support, structure, routines, opportunities for self-expression, and a sense of being, our care lodges offer homely environments that facilities empower residents to have fulfilling  and meaningful lives.

Venus values for Forensic Care

All programmes of support and recovery are based on achieving positive outcomes and developing an individual’s full potential.
Residents from a forensic background may be schizoid or diagnosed with a constant psychosis and typically will display challenging behaviour.
All these residents are assessed and given behavioural support plans that inform staff of optimum management strategies and how to deal with a resident’s anxieties.
All programmes of support and recovery are based on achieving positive outcomes and developing an individual’s full potential. We also use a range of recognised risk assessment, management and outcome measurement tools in our therapeutic interventions, which include cognitive behavioural and dialectical behaviour therapy skills.
Venus recovery programmes are designed to include meaningful pathways for re-integrating residents into the community, thereby minimising the risk of re-offending on their eventual step-down from our care.

Venus values for adults with learning disabilities

All care plans are bespoke and tailored for individual needs.
A significant number of our residents are diagnosed with mild to moderate or severe learning disabilities. This is common to other diagnoses we treat but is especially prevalent with residents diagnosed with autism or Down’s syndrome.
Care plans are carefully structured and tailored to respond to the needs and behaviours of each individual, which includes speech therapies, sign language, pictorial evidence and other means
of communicating.
All communication and therapeutic interventions are focused on promoting the individual’s ‘activities of choice,’ while de-escalating any anxiety or stressful situations that may arise.