In-house Multidisciplinary Team

Recognising the complexity of care required for individuals with complex support needs, we work with our in-house multidisciplinary team (MDT) as needed. This team includes professionals in Psychology, Psychiatry, Nursing, and Occupational Therapy. Collaboration with local health and social care providers ensures a holistic approach to PBS support.

Through establishing clear expectations, encouraging life skills, and positive reinforcement techniques, our team creates a nurturing atmosphere where individuals feel safe and empowered to thrive. Through the interventions of our in-house MDT, residents are taught coping skills and self-regulation mechanisms, empowering them to manage their emotions effectively and navigate life’s challenges.

“Tony’s history of inappropriate sexualised behaviour led to contact with the criminal justice system and three years in a secure hospital. Tony was discharged to our Step-Down shared accommodation where he had weekly MDT input from an Occupational Therapist and PBS team working under supervision of a MAPPA. He now occupies his time playing football, cycling and socialising with friends.”