Who We Support

We cater for three different levels of care – High Intensity, Medium Intensity and Low Intensity

Under the High Intensity category, a typical care package would include round the clock highly supportive care, input from a Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Occupational Therapist and direct supervision from a Registered Mental Health Nurse.

We have Crisis facilities where we can
accommodate discharges from Assessment and Treatment Units (ATU) or emergency placements from Places of Safety. These built environments are designed to meet specific care needs and enhance the care services delivery; with flexibility for any necessary adaptations.

Within the Medium Intensity category, we have Community inpatient Step up/Step down units and Transitional Living Facilities. The former can take discharges directly from ATUs and Crisis Facilities as Step-Down placements, or from people who are in Crisis at Home as Step-Up placements.

On the Low Intensity category, we provide support within our Long Term Independent Living Placements. In many cases, where Service Users express preference in location (where they want to settle down, for example, to be closer to their family or friends) we have the ability to source properties to meet those requests.

There is a continuity of care within these care levels where someone can be stepped up or down along their care journey as their needs change ensuring any movement across the 3 tiers within Venus is seamless. We strive to dedicate a Team Leader and staff team for each Service User ensuring that any progress made is not lost on transitions and they remain stable, reducing any incidents of behaviours that challenge.