Residential Care Homes​

Each of our homes has been carefully designed and equipped to meet the diverse physical needs of everyone who resides there.Besides sharing the communal facilities in our homes, such as gardens, kitchens, dining and sitting rooms, all residents have their own ensuite rooms where their personal privacy is respected.Rooms can be decorated in colours of their own choice, and we can accommodate their own furniture if required.

We Care


In everything we do, we strive to improve the quality of life of those in our care and to do so with compassion and understanding. We are committed to upholding the rights of every individual to enable them to make the choices they want and exercise their own freedom for self-determination.

We use assisted technology to plan and create remarkable journeys for each individual, embracing every opportunity to give expression about the person they are, respect their dignity and strengthen their self-esteem.

Our Lodges - Your Home

Individual, ensuite bedrooms which can be personalised.


Supporting You - Everyday

Craft/activity/therapy/skills room.


Independent Living - Fully Supported

Fully equipped kitchen and laundry facilities.

Your Trust, Our Priority

Your trust is paramount, and we aim to build and uphold it through transparent and timely interactions.