Our Promise

At Venus Healthcare, we understand the urgency and importance of placement referrals. Our commitment is to provide a responsive and professional experience from the moment we receive your inquiry.

Acknowledging Your Referral

Upon receiving your placement referral, we promptly acknowledge its receipt. We believe in the significance of every inquiry and ensure that you are informed that your request is in our hands.

Timely and Thoughtful Response

Our promise extends to delivering a timely response to your referral. We recognise that your needs are time-sensitive, and we prioritise efficiency without compromising the thoughtfulness and professionalism integral to our services.


Holistic Approach to Personalised Assessment

All our assessments are conducted by a Registered Mental Nurse and a Senior Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner, who will thoroughly review existing care plans and provide training to staff on known triggers prior to the move in date, whenever the situation allows, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition for each individual.


Professionalism at Every Step

Venus Healthcare takes pride in maintaining a high standard of professionalism throughout the referral process. From acknowledgment to response, our team is dedicated to providing clear communication and support, ensuring a seamless experience for you and those you seek assistance for

Your Trust, Our Priority

Your trust is paramount, and we aim to build and uphold it through transparent and timely interactions. The placement referral process is a crucial step in the journey of care, and our promise is to handle it with the utmost professionalism and responsiveness.