A Space to Shine

At our core, we champion the belief that independenceis a fundamental human right. We are dedicated to empowering our Service Users to take charge of their lives, making choices aligned with their aspirations. Through Person-Centred Care and personalised Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) planning, we nurture our Service Users’ abilities, paving the path to independence. Empowering Lives and Unlocking Independence


Positive Risk Taking: Catalysts for Personal Growth

We firmly believe that genuine personal development often lies just beyond the familiar comfort zones Our support intentionally stretches boundaries, guiding Service Users towards the discovery of fresh interests and abilities. While we endorse positive risk taking, we ensure a safety net of unwavering support is present, nurturing their confidence and independence.

Our Support: The Key to Unlocking Independence

We offer a range of support and services that equip our Service Users to lead more independent lives:

Skills Training

Our diverse training programs empower Service Users with newfound and refined skills, spanning areas such as cooking, cleaning, budgeting, and personal care bolstering their self-sufficiency.

Employment Support

We are committed to assisting our Service Users in securing and maintaining meaningful employment or volunteering roles. Our support extends throughout the job or volunteer search process, encompassing job searches, interview  preparations, and on-the-job support.

Community Integration

We actively encourage Service Users to immerse themselves within their local communities, assisting them in accessing activities and services that align with their interests.


Choice Empowerment

We advocate for Service Users to exercise their autonomy in daily choices, from wardrobe decisions to dining preferences and activity


Supported Independence 

We facilitate Service Users’ thriving within their homes and communities by offering required support. 

Advocacy and Voice

 We empower Service Users to assert themselves, ensuring their voices resonate and their needs and aspirations are met.


Unleash Your Potential: A Journey Toward Independence.

We believe that each individual can lead a more fulfilled and independent life. Our commitment centres on guiding our Service Users towards their goals and potential. Join us on this transformative journey as we continue empowering lives, unlocking dreams, and encouraging independence. 

Welcome to A Space to Shine