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Venus values for learning disabilities

A significant number of our residents are diagnosed with mild to moderate or severe learning disabilities. This is common to other diagnoses we treat, but is especially prevalent with residents diagnosed with autism or Down’s syndrome.
Care plans are carefully structured and tailored to respond to the needs and behaviours of each individual, that includes speech therapies, sign language, pictorial evidence and other means of communicating.
All communication and therapeutic interventions are focused on promoting the individual’s ‘activities of choice,’ while de-escalating any anxiety or stressful situations that may arise.

If you would like to know more about our values for autism feel free to contact us.

Good News

" Jerry couldn’t even make his bed when he first came to Venus. After three months of staff support, his room is one of the tidiest in the Home. He is also one of the first residents down to breakfast in the morning, often helping to prepare the meal. "