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Independent Healthcare in our homes

Residents engage daily in a wide range of structured activities within the homes to promote life skills while stimulating cognitive awareness and responses.


These activities include cooking, gardening, art classes and therapeutic music appreciation sessions.
Time in our homes continues along a 24/7 spectrum. Sleep doesn’t always come easily to our residents, so if a soothing chat is required in the early hours, our staff are always on hand to share a listening ear and a cup of tea.

At all meals, residents are supported to eat a balanced diet, ensuring that nutritional needs are met, and that food accords with their cultural, religious and medical requirements.

After breakfast, those residents going out for the day will depart, accompanied as necessary by a member of staff to provide one-to-one care and support. Those staying in the home will have a planned day of supervised activity ahead.


Venus places great emphasis on engaging residents in life in the wider community. Frequent trips and excursions are arranged for shopping and daytime or evening leisure activities, both for enjoyment purposes and to promote social inclusion and encourage personal decision-making.

Once an in-depth assessment has been carried out and funding agreed, all potential residents visit their designated home.

Our transition plans are often tailored to meet individual needs, but usually consist of an initial day visit, and then a separate overnight stay for potential residents to familiarise themselves with the environment and be welcomed by the manager and staff members.

Social workers and family relatives are welcome to attend the day visit, meet and speak to staff, as well as asking any questions that may arise.

The principal objective of these visits is to diminish any possible anxiety of the potential resident about the nature of their future home and the lifestyle they will lead.

Venus Health care

Our Values



We truly believe in making a difference to the lives of vulnerable people. We improve their health and wellbeing not only through the care in our Homes but also helping them to lead an active and independent life in the wider community.



We are committed to working collaboratively with the network of different agencies and families to bring together the best personal plan of care and support tailored to each and every individual in our care.



We fully embrace diversity and strive to meet everyone’s specific needs through our person-centred care plans – so that each individual can take ownership of their lives in their own way.



The value of Venus is exemplified every day in the warmth, passion and empathy we give to those directly in our care, and also to their families. This ethos is extended to all members of staff and the many professionals who work with us.



We are accountable for everything we do and transparent in our actions. As an independent, family-orientated team we welcome constructive feedback and value everyone’s contribution to improving our service.



We are 100% committed to achieving what is best for our residents, families and staff, and will consistently endeavour to help them attain their desired goals. We are experienced enough to know that only team work, flexibility and a hopeful outlook can achieve positive outcomes.



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