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Our International Care Village

The delivery of expert long-term residential care is the bedrock of our provision. And now, to extend the benefit of our expert care, we are significantly widening our services to include Care Villages.


We are working in collaboration with local authorities to pioneer future standards of elderly care that is person-centred. Our Care Village enables residents to live full, independent lives, supported by innovative healthcare infrastructure and staff with expertise, in order to improve their quality of life.


Residents will be encouraged to engage in physical exercise and social integration, which are key factors in maintaining well-being, lengthening life, and facilitating an active and social life.


The Care Village is by nature low-density, to ensure that every resident gets the care they need in a supportive, secure environment. This is a particularly crucial improvement on the current care model, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.


We have been invited by The King’s Fund to participate in research and development into financially sustainable healthcare models, which will place less burden on the public purse, including three of the demonstrator sites in the NHS’ ‘Healthy New Towns’ programme.


We have also been in discussion with the Alzheimer’s Society, who viewed our Care Village as a dynamic ‘live-lab’ to aid in the development of better healthcare-built environments for the elderly. Creating better care pathways will not only empower care residents and their families; it will also boost U.K. business and set a new standard for training and education in elderly care.


Our dedication to business creativity, purpose-engineered technology, and exemplary rehabilitative care makes our Care Village the essential new development, in the U.K. and beyond.