Client and carer painting together Client and carer painting together Client and carer painting together

Life in Venus homes

Residents engage daily in a wide range of structured activities within the homes to promote life skills while stimulating cognitive awareness and responses. These activities include cooking, gardening, art classes and therapeutic music appreciation sessions.
Time in our homes continues along a 24/7 spectrum. Sleep doesn’t always come easily to our residents, so if a soothing chat is required in the early hours, our staff are always on hand to share a listening ear and a cup of tea.
At all meals, residents are supported to eat a balanced diet, ensuring that nutritional needs are met, and that food accords to their cultural, religious and medical requirements.
After breakfast, those residents going out for the day will depart, accompanied as necessary by a member of staff to provide one-to-one care and support. Those staying in the home will have a planned day of supervised activity ahead.

This is Susan, who’s been with us for three years. She doesn’t like going out, so she’s having a ‘manicure and pedicure day’, interspersed with 20 minutes on the exercise bike, before being accompanied to the garden where she enjoys watering the plants.
Throughout the day, there’s business to attend to in the office, which has an ‘open-door’ policy.
Now meet Danny – he’s been with us for eight years and has a learning disability. After showering, Danny comes down to the office as if he is going to work. Sitting at a table, he opens his laptop and asks: “What shall I do today?” The staff set him some manageable tasks. This interaction makes Danny feel included and valued, which is all part of the restorative care provided by Venus.
After supper, which residents help to prepare, they either share in some communal activity downstairs, or retire to their own rooms to watch television, before the night staff arrive, and the day’s cycle starts again.

Good News

" I needed a lot of help before I was ready to step down into supported living. Staff took me on public transport and showed me how to buy tickets. They taught me about how to cross roads safely. I learned about managing my finances, how to cook and self-medication. I am now able to lead a much more independent life "