Carer and client dancing together Carer and client dancing together Carer and client dancing together

Getting comfortable in Venus Healthcare

Once an in-depth assessment has been carried out and funding agreed, all potential residents visit their designated home.
Our transition plans are often tailored to meet individual needs, but usually consist of an initial day visit, and then a separate overnight stay for potential residents to familiarise themselves with the environment and be welcomed by the manager and staff members.
Social workers and family relatives are welcome to attend the day visit, meet and speak to staff, as well as asking any questions that may arise.
The principal objective of these visits is to diminish any possible anxiety of the potential resident about the nature of their future home and the lifestyle they will lead.

If you would like to know more about how we make everyone feel as comfortable as we can, free to contact us.

Good News

" I needed a lot of help before I was ready to step down into supported living. Staff took me on public transport and showed me how to buy tickets. They taught me about how to cross roads safely. I learned about managing my finances, how to cook and self-medication. I am now able to lead a much more independent life "