Carers give client keyboard as a present

Matthew’s story

Matthew loves listening to music. Without a mobile phone of his own, he was always reliant on staff lending him a phone so he could listen to his favourite songs. But things would become fraught when no mobile was available. The home applied for grant funding to buy him his own iPad, onto which staff downloaded the music he likes best. He now no longer screams at staff because he can’t access his music. One day his social worker was thrilled to find him dancing with his iPad – something she had never seen before.

Steve’s story

When Steve came to live with us he was very withdrawn and shunned the company of others. But the warmth of living in a down-to-earth comfortable shared family environment started to have its effect. These days, Steve likes nothing better than holding a conversation with other residents and staff; what’s more, he is always a leading contributor at our group discussions.

Brenda’s story

Brenda didn’t like participating in any of the activities organised for our residents. In particular, she refused to take part in our exercise days, until she was finally persuaded to give our walking club a try. Brenda now goes walking three times a week, come rain, wind or shine, and is currently on her second pair of new trainers.

Tony’s story

From the day he joined us as part of his step-down process from a mental hospital, Tony had aspirations to work in a full-time job. As a first step he joined a local gym to build up his physical fitness in readiness for work. He also enrolled at college in order to develop other skills. Back in the home, staff coached him on managing the interview process. He’s now been offered a voluntary position, with a view to obtaining full-time employment.