Venus Sensory and Activity Centre

In a move to mitigate the impacts of cross infections and the spread of the Coronavirus, we have developed two brand-new facilities for Venus HealthCare Residents. The new Sensory Centre and Activity Centre are designed to give our Residents access to new environments and a variety of activities within a safe setting.

Our Sensory Centre is designed to be a space for calm and relaxation, filled with tactile toys and equipment for sensory stimulation. This will specifically benefit our Residents with learning difficulties. Alongside, we have installed a Sensory Garden, with planters to grow our own vegetables, other seasonal plants and flowers for everyone to enjoy.

Our Activity Centre is a space for Residents to enjoy their free time with a wide range of activities, from games and puzzles to painting and drawing. Residents are encouraged to explore their creativity and we intend for the centre to aid them in staying mentally and physically active.

Good News

" After many years in care Patrick, a paraplegic, had a lifelong dream to see Manchester United play. One weekend, staff volunteered and took him to watch a live match. No one had ever bothered to do this before. "