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Venus values for forensic backgrounds

Residents from a forensic background may be schizoid or diagnosed with a constant psychosis, and typically will display challenging behaviour. All these residents are assessed and given behavioural support plans that inform staff of optimum management strategies and how to deal with a resident’s anxieties.
All programmes of support and recovery are based on achieving positive outcomes and developing an individual’s full potential. We also use a range of recognised risk assessment, management and outcome measurement tools in our therapeutic interventions, which include cognitive behavioural and dialectical behaviour therapy skills.
Venus recovery programmes are designed to include meaningful pathways for re-integrating residents into the community, thereby minimising the risk of re-offending on their eventual step-down from our care.

If you would like to know more about our values for forensic backgrounds feel free to contact us.

Good News

" Ephraim was very aggressive to other residents and staff when he came to live at Venus.Today he enjoys their company, going to the gym and on cinema and bowling outings. His psychiatrist has commended Venus on his changes in behaviour "