Carer and client dancing together Carer and client dancing together Carer and client dancing together

Comprehensive care from Venus

Throughout a resident’s placement, we engage and collaborate with families, commissioners, social workers and other healthcare professionals. Our teams work very closely with all involved to gain and share all information that can impact positively on the care and support we provide to each resident.
Family members are always consulted on important matters relating to the direction of care, frequently attending case reviews with social workers and other parties in attendance.
Social workers regularly visit on a formal and informal basis, both to meet with their clients and also to have discussions with the home manager and staff, monitoring progress reports and outcomes.
We have an open-door policy for welcoming authorised visitors, working within the required constraints of ensuring the security and safety in each of our homes, which is paramount.

If you would like to know more about our comprehensive care, free to contact us.

Good News

" Jerry couldn’t even make his bed when he first came to Venus. After three months of staff support, his room is one of the tidiest in the Home. He is also one of the first residents down to breakfast in the morning, often helping to prepare the meal. "