Collage of a clients life Collage of a clients life Collage of a clients life

Our expanding horizons

The delivery of expert long-term residential care is the bedrock of our provision. And now, to extend the benefit of our expert care, we are significantly widening our services to include supported living units both at our homes and in a separate stand-alone facility in East London.
This additional capacity will enable Venus to care for both residents from our homes who are being prepared to live in the wider community; and also for vulnerable individuals who do not require full-time residential care, but whose lives will be enhanced by the provision of shorter-term support.

We are also introducing new shorter-term services focused on meeting the needs of younger adults, aged 18-25, who have a mild-to-moderate mental health diagnosis, and are therefore at risk.
We look forward to working with these younger people to provide them and their families with structured frameworks, tailored to their needs, designed to restore their health and wellbeing, therefore enabling them to live fully independently.
In addition, we are also at an advanced stage of developing new concepts in care. On a much larger scale, we are drawing on the specialist knowledge and experience gained in our care homes over the past 15 years to meet the needs of our aging population. Our goal is to provide the elderly with therapeutically-advanced pathways for respite and care in later years of life.

Good News

" I needed a lot of help before I was ready to step down into supported living. Staff took me on public transport and showed me how to buy tickets. They taught me about how to cross roads safely. I learned about managing my finances, how to cook and self-medication. I am now able to lead a much more independent life "